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Scorpio Birthstone Necklace

$107.00 $175.00

Carry the essence of your Scorpio sign with you wherever you go. This Scorpio Zodiac Birthstone Necklace is personalized for souls born in October 23 – November 21. The cosmic-inspired zodiac charm pendant is embedded with the Scorpio gemstone - Pink Tourmaline and your choice of name engraved along the cable chain, reflecting the passionate and intense edge that comes with your star sign! This elegant and meaningful gift will always remind you of the power in honoring yourself and leaning into your natural-born traits.

The pink tourmaline gemstone that comes with your Scorpio name necklace has been selected by our jewelers to create the perfect energetic combination for you or your loved one born under the Scorpio constellation. It is uniquely personalized that it may bring the one who wears it the perfect energies and good fortune, plus empowering the wearer with the characteristics of the Zodiac water sign Scorpio: magnetism, passion, mysteriousness. 

It's truly a made-to-order treasure that will last forever.

Your Birthstone - Pink Tourmaline is the perfect stone to wear as you go along your day, for its continuous calming and soothing benefits. Whether you struggle with anxiety or simply like to avoid acute moments of stress, it will release tension from your inner life and encourage you to chill while bringing out your inner magnetism.

Make it Yours! While first names are traditional, surnames and romantic pet names are fun ways to make your personalized zodiac birthstone necklace stand out. You can also customize with an an inspiring word, or the name of a special place you’d like to keep close to your heart. Choose whatever moves you!

  • Custom-made pendant necklace with you or your loved one's unique birthstone embedded in zodiac charm
  • The 18” included gold/silver cable chain has an additional adjustable 2” with lobster clasp, allowing for length up to 20”
  • Bespoke engraved name necklace, made from 14-karat gold vermeil, rose gold or sterling silver
  • Handmade and engraved with love by a family-run jeweler in the Southwest USA
  • Ships 3-5 days after handcrafting

Gift Hint: This is perfect for Scorpio birthdays! yet can be given anytime of the year - For Mom, Bridesmaid, Girlfriend - Anniversary Gifts, Keepsake Gift, name it! Exclusive jewelry for you and your loved one ♥

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